Our work involves translations into all EU and Nordic languages, such as Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

These include our most commissioned translations, which are a combination of the following languages:

Danish to Swedish
Danish to Norwegian
Danish to Finish
Danish to German
Danish to English
Danish to French
Danish to Dutch
Swedish to Danish
Swedish to Norwegian
Swedish to Finnish
Swedish to English
Swedish to German
Swedish to French
Swedish to Spanish
Norwegian to Danish
Norwegian to Swedish
Norwegian to Finnish
Norwegian to English
Norwegian to German
Norwegian to French
Norwegian to Spanish
Finnish to Danish
Finnish to English
Finnish to Norwegian
Finnish to Swedish
English to Danish
English to Norwegian
English to Swedish
English to Finnish
English to German
English to Dutch
Dutch to Danish
German to Danish
German to English
German to Norwegian
German to Swedish
German to Finnish